repair it, clean it out, or cut it off

My right knee has been sore for over a week. The MRI last Wednesday produced some amazing images of the internal workings of my knee. The unfortunate thing is I have not idea how to read the images and won’t know until I see the Dr again on Thursday.

Something has to be done…the pain is nearing unbearable. Hence, repair it, clean it out, or cut it off. Either way, I have to be fully recovered by the summer so that I am mobile when Emiley and I welcome our first child (September 18th +/-). I can’t be on crutches or unable to bend/straighten. I hate to wish time away but can’t wait until Thursday to find out what’s next.


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One Response to repair it, clean it out, or cut it off

  1. Jason says:

    Well…after 3 orthopaedic surgeons, 4 weeks of PT, a $1700 lateral un-loader brace (which was quickly deemed 'inappropriate' by the 3rd DR), and a lot of nagging pain and swelling later, I'm going to have my knee scoped. Thank you to Dr. Kyle Flik who agreed to 'explore' the inner workings of my knee. This will result in us (me and the doc) to determine a future plan of attack. It's likely that I will need a full replacement of the joint sometime in my life…now is not that time.For now, I'm happy to know that I should get some relief after the July 22nd procedure and that I'll be back on my feet in plenty of time to welcome Baby Purvis to this oh so strange world in mid-September.Wish me luck

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