What a great evening

On Sunday, Emiley and I decided that the “What do you want for dinner?”, “I don’t know, what do you want?”, “It doesn’t matter” discussion that often led to PB&J had to stop. So, I said I would make sure we had a healthy-ish dinner each night.

Tonight was day 1 and so far so good. We had baked sweet potato, steamed purple cauliflower, and chicken in a red wine sauce with baby bellas, scallions, and cherry tomatoes. Em also had some roasted summer squash (her favorite). Fish and venison kabobs are on the menu for later in the week.

After dinner and a boat load of dishes, K of K&R came over and we did a 15 mile bike ride to help with her sprint tri training. It is Soooo much nicer riding with someone as it makes it go so much faster.

Em got her 50+ sunflowers planted and now it’s time to unwind, put some thoughts into words and begin making my list for tomorrow.


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