To Facebook or Not to Facebook

I’m getting annoyed with FB.  Not FB itself because it has proven to be very useful in reconnecting with old friends and has proven very valuable for networking…especially for Capital Coexist….but the posts that I see.  Some posts are just ridiculous

Examples of types of posts that I don’t like to read and definitely wouldn’t post myself.

  • “out–text/cell it”  For some reason I find this to be absolutely ridiculous I must be getting old 
  • _______(insert name) just ate/made ______(insert mundane food i.e. toast).  Good for you, I don’t care and now I’m hungry
  • “My boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/significant other is so________(insert disgustingly sweet/angry adjective).  Without a ‘why’ this type of post serves no purpose to your ‘friends’.  If it’s meant to be  for one person to compliment them or show how angry you are, why post it on FB?  Seeking attention?
  • Two person conversations that could should have been done by phone (we still use phones, right),  email, text, or IM.

                   Example:   Person 1 “Are you going tonight?
                                    Person 2 “Yes, can I get a ride”  
                                    Person 1 “Sure, I’ll pick you up at 6”
                                    Person 2 “great, see you then”
Great, two friends are going to the same place at the same time and one is giving the other a ride…freakin’ fantastic….your 134 other ‘friends’ either aren’t going or have to find their own ride…or bike if they are smart health/environment conscious friends

To be fair, there are also types of posts that I enjoy (and am more likely to comment on):

  • links to interesting events/articles/activities  These make for good readings if the topic is of interest  and keep me up to date with local activities and meetings
  • anything cute or embarrassing (especially if it’s embarrassing for you) that  kids have done or said. Yes, I laugh at your expense…and think, I’ll be there before I know it
  • ______(insert name) just ate/made______(insert some exotic food, great new restaurant or healthy recipe.  Always looking for new food choices both out and and at home
  • Anything that uses @Jason   How can I not be interested if someone took the time to tag me in a post?
  • posts that make me think or laugh until I cry.  I’m likely to laugh first because I probably ‘don’t get it’ but after a while it will come to me

If you post things that fall into the top bullets, don’t take offense….I just may not comment (breaks your heart, doesn’t it?).

Facebook on my ‘friends’, Facebook on!



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