Strange Pairings

Each time that Emiley and I have any sort of pasta, I get the ‘you have 3 heads’ look.  It’s not the pasta, it’s what I like have to drink with my pasta.  Whether it be spaghetti, ziti, ravioli, or angle hair, I must have a large glass of pink lemonade…not yellow…must be pink lemonade.

This is reminds me that of a second strange pairing that resulted in “That’s gross”.  I was finishing lunch and had extra peanut butter that I was dipping apples in with only carrots remaining.  So, I started scooping the PB out of the dish with the carrots.  It tasted awesome but again, drew quite a few strange looks.

They aren’t things that go together like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk or Penn and Teller but for me, they work.

What strange food combinations do you enjoy?  What were others’ reactions?


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One Response to Strange Pairings

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ice cream and potato chips! YUM!CB

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