When (not) to laugh

After the whirlwind weekend, I got to thinking about when it’s okay to laugh.  When we were driving to the emergency vet this weekend, Howie was trying to crack jokes.  It was his coping mechanism.

As the driver, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh at the jokes, sit silently, or offer my 2 cents on the situation or discussion topic.  I chose the sit silently approach until eventually, Howie said “you can laugh, you know.”  I felt awkward but attempted a smile and a chuckle.  Luckily, for me, the next thing that was said to me was “The vet is on the left.  Turn here”

Other times when I’m not sure to laugh or not:  funeral (obvious), when someone gets hurt (until I know they’re ok), at an attention seeker (annoying) and when Emiley is not in a joking mood 😉 (rarely).

What situations can you think of when you aren’t sure if it’s okay to laugh?


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