Only Happy When it Rains

Only happy when it rains…sounds like Garbage to me.  See how I did that?  The song;  the connection the…nevermind.

Rain does sound like garbage to me.  I’m sans rain gear for riding and am happy that the forecast looks beautiful for the rest of the week.  This morning, I pumped up my tires, Capital Coexist(ed) my frame,changed the batteries in my head light, packed crammed my pannier with my work clothes and headed out for the 5.1 mile commute.  What a great day week to ride!  So, if you’re following along and looking for gift ideas (hint hint) then rain gear, larger waterproof panniers, a helmet mirror, and additional padded shorts could easily make the list :).  Once I get them, I’ll review and share.

I took the usual route up Central when I experienced the epitome of irony.  A BIG full-sized van comes up behind me, the driver rolls down the passenger window and yells “Get on the F^*#–g sidewalk!”  Typical, right?  Well, after he passed, I noticed that his van had a big corporate logo that rhymes with Buburban Cransportation on the side.  I found this to very ironic and actually chuckled (almost out loud).  What does he know?  Like there are any sidewalks in the Buburbs!

Also confirmed a 20+/- ride with KM to get her one step closer to being ready for the tri in August.  Another ‘longer’ ride is also in the works for later in the week. If Abrams-Bettes are correct (and they’d better be) I could log over 100 miles this week which is well above my average; and my waistline thanks thee.


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4 Responses to Only Happy When it Rains

  1. Angela says:

    I think every one of your posts are sheer genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks!…Did you ‘subscribe’ on the right hand side of the page?

  3. Angela says:

    I thought I had but I guess not… it’s working. See, you are a genius! What would this world do without you Jason?

  4. kelly says:

    With all the birthday celebrating this weekend, we’re going to need the extra miles tomorrow night!

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