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Today,  I rode the 10.2 miles for my round-trip commute and then another 12.7 miles with KM. It is SO awesome to have someone to ride with; someone that uses great phrases like ‘awesome.com’; and someone that can talk about sleep for the better part of 3 miles 🙂

The 12.7 were filled with a little more adventure than the commute.  We had road closure issues, seat posts that wouldn’t stay put, wobbly legs from morning rides/runs, bike computer glitches, forgotten water bottles, bugs and head lights that only worked when they felt like it.  HOWEVER, it was good exercise, good company and most importantly we gussied up KM’s bike with Capital Coexist raiment (I dare you to find someone else that used  ‘raiment’  and ‘awesome.com’ in the same blog post or ever!)

After a great cycling day, I was even more encouraged after listening to a recent NPR interview with USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood.


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  1. Christopher Youmans says:

    Happy biking. I am supposed to get a bike for b-day/father’s day. Have to go and get fitted at the bike shop and then away I will go.

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