Eww; funny; nope eww

I’m interested fascinated with technology.  Well, not the actual circuits and chips and such but how technology can be used to improve communication and share/disseminate information (you’re practicing spelling G-E-E-K right now, aren’t you?).  And to break this fascination down even further I’m fully intrigued by the both legitimate and completely ridiculous reasons that people come up with for NOT embracing technology.

Sure, there’s privacy and security issues that have to be considered but in reality, if you use the internet for ANYTHING, your information is out there–some where–and there’s always some brainiac out there that knows how to ‘get’ it.  There’s also the issue of what is appropriate for business.  This can be handled by spending a few hours developing some sound guidelines for tech-type use and applying them to job functions within an agency or organization.  It’s really not that difficult.  Some are afraid because it’s new a different and they aren’t used to what an iphone, Facebook, or Twitter can do….they can be so much more powerful for sharing (real) information than just posting these type of pictures.   I have to wonder if when the radio was invented and became ‘mainstream’ if households and places of employment wasted hours searching for the voice coming out of the wooden box. SO, needless to say I’m a proponent of the use of technology when appropriate.

An event today solidified the ‘when appropriate’ remark in the previous sentence.  My interest in technology is matched by a dislike disgust for germs and dirty places including public restrooms, escalator railings, elevator buttons, gas pumps, shopping carts, public garbage cans, credit card swiper machines, dressing rooms….you get the point.

I work in an office building that has public restrooms on each floor. While washing my hands (imagine that), a guy pompous guy from a different office walks in talking on his cell phone and storms right into a stall and latches the door.  His conversation is met with gastric noises but he keeps right on talking without missing a beat.  I’ve read that your cell phone is one of the germiest things you own.  Why make it worse?  EWW (following along with the title?)  Mind you, this is not the first time I have encountered a cell phone talking pooper in the restroom, but it IS the first time in the little devil in me has come out during such an encounter.

Being the smartass that I am, after I dried my hands, I decided to go into each of the other stalls and flush the toilets…with my shoe, of course!!!!  Still no break in the cell phone conversation.  Now a third guy, not as pompous AND not on his cell phone comes in and just starts shaking his head when he realizes guy #1 (or maybe more appropriately named #2) is in the stall having a conversation.  The ‘new guy’ says quite loudly “I sure hope he’s not using the camera phone option on that thing!”  I couldn’t help but laugh…it was funny (still with me on the title?)  The next thing we hear is “I’ll have to call you back”

It’s now time for me to get another paper towel so that I don’t have to touch the door handle, go back to my office and lather up in anti-bacterial goop.  I wasn’t back for 10 seconds when the ‘fun’ part of the event had waned and I shuddered in disgust, again, saying ‘nope, that’s just gross…ewww’ (finally got you there :))

I realize that not everyone has the same aversion to germs as I do.  I’ve read the research on how the anti-bacterial goop can be bad for you, and I know germs are unavoidable but there’s something about ‘public’ germs that gets me.   IMO, the only call you take (or continue) when in a public restroom is from Mother Nature.

Note to self:  Should my cell ever quit working, do not borrow that guy’s phone!


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