Last Hurrah (sneak peak)

July is going to fly by and I’m dubbing the entire month as our last hurrah before Baby Purvis arrives.  Emiley and I (let’s not kid ourselves, mostly Emiley) are in the 29th week of pregnancy.  It won’t be long before traveling for her won’t be comfortable, allowed medically, or feasible.
A teaser into the ‘last hurrah’ events.  I promise to have individual posts related to all of these.

  • We’re going to enjoy a few birthday parties, some BBQ, air conditioning and maybe some fireworks over July 4th weekend.  The fireworks are a maybe because if it’s 95 degrees as they are forecasting, it will not be comfortable for either of us to sit in folding chairs amongst a bunch of people….I will miss the opportunity to purchase  glow sticks and other flashing novelties from some random street vendor but I’ll survive.
  • The 2010 Tour starts on July 3rd so I’ll be checking in on as many stages as I can both on TV and online.

  • I’m doing a 31 hour round-trip work excursion to MN.  This should be fun and exhausting at the same time.  Get to learn something, visit a city I’ve never seen and maybe grab a cup of coffee with an old JWU friend.
  • The nursery needs to be finalized (just a cleaning of the floors and bringing ‘stuff’ downstairs).
  • We’re taking a long weekend away to New Hampshire and staying at The Ballard House Inn Reviews and photos to come.
  • Minor knee surgery on the 22nd.  Hopefully some cool pics to share from inside my leg.  Even if you’re a little grossed out by that comment you KNOW you’ll look!
  • Em’s baby shower on the 24th.  I’m likely to be home and still groggy on pain meds.
  • Ooooh, almost forgot.  I’ll be getting a haircut too.

So the events may not be all that exciting to some but it’s what we do and what we enjoy (not that anyone ‘enjoys’ knee surgery).  I’ll do my best to make them fun (for you) through posts, pictures and comments.

Stay tuned!


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