The Hawaii People

Part 1 of the Last Hurrah.  We had an awesome afternoon hanging with K&R and the kids for a double 5th birthday.  There was a kids’ pool, water balloons, balloons, cupcakes, and gifts…the ingredients to any good birthday.

hanging with Brae

hanging with Maddie

It was a great afternoon of food, friends, stories and conversation.  Emiley and I have been dubbed ‘The Hawaii People”.  There are definitely worse things to be remembered as (I won’t give you any ideas with ‘such as ____’).  I think K&R had 1,653,831 offers from people to ‘take’ place in Hawaii and we were only there a few hours.  I doubt they would trade the opportunity but it would be interesting to see what others would offer as a barter….just to be told “NO WAY”  Even though it was 92 today, I’m really looking forward to a week at the KoOlina.

K did get a chance to sit and I promise you this was just a caught eating cake expression, NOT an attempt at a duckface

Besides the usual ‘when are you due” question, we got “you’re taking a 3.5 month old to Hawaii?”  The answer is absolutely YES…and we can’t wait!


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2 Responses to The Hawaii People

  1. Kelly says:

    oh man! i wish i’d even thought to make a duckface!

    And seriously – if you’re going to take a 3 month old to Hawaii – the only way to do it is with a 5:1 adult to child ratio. 😀

    The kids loved their presents (and the postcard for the butterflies is going in the mail tomorrow. we’ll let you know when they arrive!)

  2. Jason says:

    All shifts are still available with a number of spots open from 3-5am….am I sensing that you’re volunteering? 😉

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