‘Me Loves me some Chutney’

For about 2 hours today I had all four burners going on the stove.  I had three dishes all at different points of completion.  Why cook on a 95 degree day?  Well, a special friend had a special request…for her birthday.

The request?  My homemade crab cakes with chutney.  Today it was raspberry chutney (I’ve done blackberry, peach, and mixed berry in the past).  The raspberries were fresh from mom’s garden.

crab cakes and chutney

First, thanks to A&D for the claw crab…it was perfect.

Along with the crab cakes and chutney, I made a homemade German potato salad for the pot luck part of the birthday party.  Quite a few compliments on the GPS.

When we arrived it only took 0.7 seconds for the birthday girl to take the crab cakes and chutney and put them into her ‘private stash’.  If anyone is interested in viewing these items,  you will need a professional safe cracker, the ability to get through 256 bit encryption and one hell of a cracker jacks decoder ring (remember, we’re talking about crab cakes and chutney, not rare jewels, savings bonds, or grandma’s antiques).

Joking aside, I’d like to wish Kelly a happy 35th birthday and hopes she enjoys the crab/chutney combination.  Now, if we can just keep Emiley comfortable during the heat wave.  I can’t believe we’re at 30 weeks 😀


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3 Responses to ‘Me Loves me some Chutney’

  1. Kelly says:

    bwa ha ha! Rob said he was shocked I could move that fast in the heat!

    I just popped two of those bad boys out of the freezer and inhaled them. Such an awesome birthday present! Thank you so much!!!!

  2. Denys says:

    Mmmmm! My mouth waters at the thought of your crab cakes!

  3. Christopher Youmans says:

    MMM…Send me some!

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