I want to read that!

I made a trip to the library today.  The trip had dual purposes.  First, I was told (and confirmed) that a Capital Coexist poster was hanging in the library.  I was greatly surprised to see that the library staff had dedicated an entire section to bicycle safety and has pulled several topic related books for the display.  Great job Albany Public Library and excellent press for the campaign.

The second reason for the trip was to find reading material for my upcoming work trip to Minneapolis…something to pass the time in the hotel and during the flights.

Before getting to the main purpose of this post, let me tell you about some of the people patronizing the library.  I’m very impressed with the diversity of people and happy to see so many people taking advantage of our great community resource. There were a few student types that were reading and typing feverishly into their laptops.  There were a few 40 something men reading magazines and catching up on the latest Cosmo sex surveys.  There was a young couple all smootchie and such downloading music from itunes….other than the smootchie part (it was just to hot for smootchie) they were minding their own business.  There were people searching for books on tape, those doing research, and then the random “I don’t know what I want” wanderers like myself.

I walked up and down almost every aisle trying to remember those cool, exciting, interesting topic books that I had heard about in some article or random review.  When I see them, I’m all “I want to read that!” but can never remember the title or author at that crucial time.  I used the internet on my phone and the public computer to try to jog my memory but didn’t have any luck.  There aren’t too many authors which I try to read all their works so I was at a loss.  I ended up with the mystery Doors Open by Ian Rankin.

Other than my own indecisiveness, I had a great trip to the library and dealt quite well with Dewey and his pesky decimal system.  BAH to you corporate, large-box bookstores.  I’ll go where the books are FREE and the customers are there for a purpose; not pushy “I’m too good for a library” people.

My questions for you:  Other than constantly updating, printing AND remembering  a list as I see a new book that I want to read, how do I go about remembering the authors and titles at the crucial time…the time when I actually go to pick out a book?  Secondly, what great books have you read that I should consider (any topic)?


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6 Responses to I want to read that!

  1. Shannon says:

    You should get an index card and add a typed (you can fit more in a smaller space) list of some favorite authors or books you’ve been dying to read. Laminate. Insert into wallet. Read. Cross out. Rinse. Repeat. Voila.

    • Shannon says:

      Oh, and have you read anything by Dan Brown that ISN’T Angels & Demons or DaVinci Code? Try Digital Fortress, I really enjoyed that book.

  2. Emiley says:

    How about the database of titles and authors you had me type out for you a while back? There was quite a list you wanted to read!

  3. Jason says:

    @Shannon…I’ve read DaVinci Code, Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress and Deception Point by Brown. I guess Lost Symbol is the only one left.
    I do have an Access file of “want to read” but it’s not convenient to keep updating it when I hear of a book that sounds interesting.

  4. Christopher Youmans says:

    Lost Symbol was good. I would read Unwind by Neil Shushterman (Sp) He is a teen writer but this book was pretty good. He has some other good novels as well. I like dewey..It keeps me in a job LOL.

    Three Little Words was a good autobiography about a girl who grew up in the wonderful foster care system in Florida…

  5. Kelly says:

    J – I always use the online reservation website, so that when I read a good review, I can just go to the website, type it in, and the library clerk very kindly hunts it down and puts my name on it to pick up at the desk.

    recent favorites:
    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
    Replay, Ken Grimwood (The only book on this list that isn’t at all even mildly girly)
    The Help, Katherine Stockett
    Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Barbara Kingsolver (with your new found garden treasures, I can confidently say I’m pretty sure you’ll really, really like this one)

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