As I try to improve my writing and encourage readers to follow Wandering Thoughts, I was intrigued by a recent FB post by a friend.  The website analyzes your writing and determines which author your writing style is similar to.  Me…I’m like Chuck Palahniuk (pronounced /ˈpɑːlənɪk/.  At first, I was “Who?”.  So, I did what any well-educated person would do and went straight to Google.

According to the well-respected Wikipedia, Mr Palahniuk, is the author of the award-winning novel Fight Club which inspired the Brad Pitt/Edward Norton movie…not so bad so far.  He was a member of the Cacaphony Society which on the surface seems interesting.  Palahniuk also wrote novels called Insomnia:  If you lived here, you’d be Home Already and Invisible Monsters.  I’m not sure what they are about but they sure sound something that fits with my sleeplessness and the ever troublesome internal demons that many of us struggle with.  I WILL find these books and read them.

Chuck Palahniuk

Wikipedia goes on to describe his writing style as minimalistic, using limited vocabulary and short sentences as an average person would tell a story, offering odd theories and opinions in a darkly absurdist way.

So…I’m okay being minimalistic, absurd and I’m okay offering odd theories and opinions.  I guess I need to work on my vocabulary but not the point of being non-average.  Now, as with any of these “What type of…” surveys you have to take them with a grain of salt or Choke on the results.


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