Winnipesaukee 1

Emiley and I had a very relaxing weekend in New Hampshire and getting a way, even if just for a weekend, was exactly what we needed.  As promised, I will not use the honeymoon equivalent phrase.

The 4 hour drive on Friday was pretty uneventful until we were within miles of our destination.  We saw a sign for the Dirty Worm Greenhouses and for some reason we giggled like school children.  Not more than a half mile down the road, we came across what we thought read “Abe’s Awesome Apartments” and thought how cheesy.  Who’d want to live in those places…AND just down the road from the Dirty Worm?  Well, turns out that in our haste we I scrambled a few letters and the sign actually said this.  Even worse and much more frightening.

We stayed at the Ballard House Inn. It was awesome.  Don and Michelle were excellent hosts and beyond accommodating.  The rooms were spacious

The view from our room

Our room 1

Our room 2

and the entire place was immaculately clean…not a dust bunny in sight.  This was much appreciated with my known dislike loathing for other people’s germs.

The breakfasts were excellent and it was just enough to curb the morning hunger.  We took full advantage of the Keurig in the sitting room and I enjoyed the bench swing on the back porch while Emiley napped.  It was relaxing to swing, read my book, sip delicious coffee, and have the lake/mountains right in front of me.  If you are heading to NH and need a place to stay, I highly recommend the Ballard House Inn. You can also find them on Facebook here.  It was a great combination of relaxation, good food, friendly conversation and did I mention relaxation? We’ll definitely be going back.  Next time we’ll need one of their larger suites to accommodate us and Baby Purvis.

There really isn’t anything negative to say about our stay except that it’s obvious by Don’s New England accent that he is probably not a Yankees’ fan but the waffles with raspberry sauce allow us to look past this 😉

More on the weekend soon in ‘Winnipesaukee 2’.


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