Elevator etiquette says me

Why does something as simple as a motorized cart that changes your vertical position cause so much trouble?  I guess nowhere is it written on how to behave in an elevator….until now!

just look at all those fingerprints...yuck!

While waiting for an elevator:

  1. press the button (up or down) and then take a G-I-A-N-T step backwards or to the side.  There is no need to stand right in front of the door especially with a stroller or a growling dog.  It’s likely that others will be exiting the elevator and you’ll be in the way.  Believe me, you will not miss the elevator from 4 feet away.
  2. Wait. Wait. Wait for those that want to exit the elevator before trying to enter.  There are no assigned seats (or standing spots) so what’s your hurry.  The elevator car isn’t going anywhere until those that wanted out are out.
  3. If the doors open and the elevator car is packed, don’t cram yourself in…wait for the next one.

While IN the elevator:

  1. If you happen to be the closest person to numbered buttons, offer to push the appropriate floor for others.
  2. Do not talk on your cellphone.  Nobody cares about your conversation.  Also, if you have headphones turn the volume down so that others can’t hear it.
  3. If someone standing behind you needs to exit before you do, kindly step outside the elevator to make room for them to exit.  I would guarantee that few would leave you on an unwanted floor after doing a good deed for someone else.
  4. If the door is about to close and you see/hear someone approaching the elevator, hold the doors for them.  It’s common courtesy and those 8 seconds won’t make you late.
  5. DO NOT press every button so that the elevator stops at each floor without reason.

Lastly…if your mobility allows, take the stairs!  It will be better for your health and besides, those elevator buttons are full of nasty nasty germs.

Did I miss anything?


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4 Responses to Elevator etiquette says me

  1. Angela says:

    I strongly disagree with Rule #4 while IN the elevator. I’m a huge fan of reaching for the button to let someone know that I’m trying to hold the door open, while feverishly pressing the door close button. They think I’m trying to help, it looks like I’m trying to help, but really I want to be left alone.

    Can we make a rule “No talking” especially in the morning. I hate morning coffee (or other) breath being blasted in my face, when I have no room to escape. During other times of the day, “no talking” is also appropriate. Listen I’m going to ride with these people for about 20 seconds at best, I don’t care about them, don’t know them, and will probably never see them again. It’s not worth the investment to start up idle conversation. Afternoon breath can also be just as bad as morning breath.

    Good to see that you’re the kinder, gentler Jason….but I’m still not there:)

  2. Cece says:

    OMG – it’s like you read my mind!!! Major pet peeve!! Since I work where I do I have to deal with these rude idiots every day!! Common courtesy has gone the way of common sense!!

    Oh & how about the perfume OD too? Do you really need to marinate yourself in it? We shouldn’t be able to smell you coming or 10 minutes after you’ve left!! Some of the scents these people wear can be suffocating to those of us with asthma!!!

  3. Jason says:

    Ang…sounds like “Hold your breath if Ang is in the elevator” is more what you are saying.

    I’m all for the “No talking” rule especially in hospitals. I don’t want to hear about Uncle Joe’s latest abscess or anything similar.

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