Winnipesaukee 2

If you haven’t already, you should start by reading Winnipesaukee 1.

In addition to having a great time at the Ballard House Inn, we did get out and do some sightseeing.  We drove around the lake and took some great photos at a Scenic pull-off.

hooray for the camera timer!

fun with angles

looking the other way

It really was beautiful!  We enjoyed a casual lunch at Garwoods in Wolfeboro.  They have indoor and outdoor seating with views of the lake.  We opted for inside where the air conditioning was pumping.  A pulled pork sandwich was one of the specials and boy did it taste good.  It also did a number on my stomach which shortened our touristy activities and extended our search for a restroom.

For dinner, we took the recommendation of a family we had met at breakfast and our host and tried a place called Canoe.  I’m sure there is a website but they don’t deserve the recognition.  The service was lousy, it was loud like a baseball stadium and for some reason they couldn’t figure out what ‘well-done’ meant in the kitchen.  I ordered the prime rib and twice it came back bloody.  They did take it off the bill but we couldn’t wait to get out of there.

Sunday morning we enjoyed another great breakfast and headed home.  We took a slightly different route and enjoyed the scenery.  We had lunch at Mr G’s in Ascutney, VT (fun to say just like Winnipesaukee).  Then home to pick up Shadow and have dinner with mom.

All in all a very relaxing weekend and we look forward to returning.


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