4 days post-op

The knee is getting better.  The swelling is down considerably and the 4 stitches should come out on Friday.  The joint is still stiff which causes the hamstring and calf muscles to tighten up fairly quickly.  Seems like I have to constantly stretch to get relief.

It was great to watch the procedure on the monitor.  It’s not all bloody and gross like you’d expect….really it wasn’t.

When I see the surgeon at the end of the week I will also make an appointment with the ‘replacement’ surgeon.  I’m looking to jump into anything (ha, like I can jump right now) but think getting all of the information (procedure, recovery, limitations, how long does it last, etc) is important. I’d like to hold off as long as possible.

The goal was to get back on the field and continue to umpire.  That’s still the ultimate goal but being able to walk, kneel, bend, and take care of Baby Purvis in 8 weeks or so is definitely more immediate.


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