For some reason, I woke up this morning feeling a bit overwhelmed.  This prompted me to go to my best ‘thinking’ spot to figure out why…the shower.  Not only do I get clean so as not to offend those around me, I am also able to clear my head.

Seems I have some work to do.  So here’s my list.

Re-Coup:  If you’ve been following at all, you know about my knee issues.  I’m just over 4 days post-op and think I’ve done too much too fast.  This is apparent by some increased pain and swelling.  I really need to get ‘healed’ so that I can resume activity and plan the next course of action, if any, in the knee saga.

Re-Energize:  While I need to re-coup, I definitely have to eventually get active again.  This has to be accompanied with a want to get active.  Maybe this should be re-motivate…as in re-motivate myself.  It’s been real easy, almost too easy, lounging on the couch with an ice pack on the knee.

Re-Write:  Every once in a while, I like to re-write my resume.  Not because I’m in the job hunt (officially) but I believe a fresh resume helps to re-energize.  It’s like a new beginning; saying “I’m ready for anything”.  It’s also good to have your resume updated should funding run out, a new boss come in, political focus change or whatever your situation may be.

Re-Read:  Emiley had set up a database for me of books that I’d like to read.  This includes several old classics that I was ‘forced’ to read in high school.  I’d like to sit down with them again (the actual book, not the Cliff Notes) and try to understand the characters, the plot, the message and relate them to my adult life.  It’s relaxing to get lost in a good book.

Re-Search:  Going for a second graduate degree has proven to be both easy and hard at the same time.  I’ve been through a graduate program before so I know what to expect and what is expected of me (the easy part).  I’m also finding it difficult to want (see re-energize above) to spend the appropriate time on the workload.  I, and the entire cohort, have definitely taken on a “Cooperate and Graduate” mentality.  Anyway, I have a paper due soon that focuses on the interaction of for-profit businesses with non-profit organizations.  Luckily, my daily reading subscriptions made my research easy and I can focus (or at least use as an example) on a local highlight.  Thanks to Kristi and Steve of the TU for their morning posts and their fundraising efforts.

Re-Worry:  Okay, not a real word but I’ve worried about it before so it fits.  Emiley is in the 33rd week of pregnancy and I continuously worry about being a good dad, about having all of the correct stuff, about what to expect and every other normal thing (I think) that a first-time dad worries about.

Re-Tweet:  I’m new to Twitter  and for some reason am apprehensive about the whole re-tweet thing.  I’m most worried about the proper tweeting etiquette as I don’t want to re-tweet something without giving the proper credit.  I’m guessing the proper etiquette isn’t as complicated as that of riding an elevator.

Re-Think and Re-flect:  These go together and are centered around my umpiring (second) career.  I really have to give some thought if my knee issues and having a new baby soon will allow me to ever go on the field again.  It’s difficult as I was moving up and the NCAA assigner was gaining some confidence in my abilities, the pay isn’t so bad, AND I really enjoy it.  I guess knowing that I’ve done it and knowing that every game was important to someone even if the score was 22-1 is important.  This may be a perfect time to increase/improve my bike riding and cross-country skiing.

One thing I do not like to do is Re-Invent the wheel.  There’s not time for that.  I know that I can learn and grow from the experiences of family and friends.  Now, I may have to modify things slightly to fit with our goals/wants/desires/knowledge but should never rarely have to start from scratch.

Lastly, Re-Connect:  There are friends and family, more than I like to admit, that I have not spoken to in a while.  Whether it be hectic schedules, petty family politics Sh*t, or just growing a part, there are some that I would love to see and re-connect with…and soon


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5 Responses to ‘Re’-everything

  1. Kristi says:

    Thanks, Jason, for the mention. Steve and I had a lot of fun last night.

  2. Cece says:

    Be careful & don’t do too much too quickly with your knee. I have a friend who did & now, almost a year later, he is still having pain & trouble walking!! You are much more active than he was/is so just be very careful – I’d hate to see you in the same boat!

  3. Jason says:

    @Kristi 🙂
    @Cece think it may be too late. I also have to remember that I’m only 5 days out and have to expect some healing/uncomfortable time

    • Cece says:

      Oh Jason don’t make me come over there & smack you!!! He did the same thing!! Seriously dude (I hate that word so why am I using it?) be careful or I’ll never offer to come vacuum for you guys… EVER!!!!!! 😉

  4. kelly says:

    Jason – Seriously – I think you and Em are going to be fantastic parents. Just watching you with our kids affirms that.

    Second – Remind me to tell you about my visit to the acupuncturist on our next ride. It did a really good job of re-ing a lot of what was wrong with me at the time.

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