Upgrading my gear

I’m trying to increase the number of times that I commute by bicycle.  The hardest part is being comfortable while I ride yet carrying work clothes that I can change into when I arrive at the office.  I was using an old police-bike bag and it holds things like my phone, wallet, keys (even though I’m riding, I still have to be able to get in the house), lock, and an extra t-shirt just fine. It did not offer enough space for me to have a change of clothes.  My polo shirts would look very wrinkled and as if they had been crammed into a plastic bag like a wet bathing suit after a day at the beach.

The other day, I decided to upgrade to a Topeak bag and I love it.  It easily slides on and off when my bike is locked but I’m not comfortable leaving my bag outside or when I’ll have books, notebooks, and presentation materials for class.

The bag got its first use today and I’m happy to say that it performed perfectly.  It got a workout too.  I carried a full change of clothes, all of my essentials (wallet, phone, lock, etc), tomatoes, 3 large zucchini to be given to my friend “N” at lunch.  The tomatoes were not turned into sauce, and my clothes weren’t any worse than when leaving a suitcase after a plane trip and I still had plenty of room for additional items.

Kudos Topeak!


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One Response to Upgrading my gear

  1. kelly says:

    You’re inspiring me. I’m going to cycle to work at least 2x next week. My commute, round trip, is still probably half of your one way, and 90% of it is in a park, and I barely have time to get sweaty, so really, I have no excuses.

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