Too many events?

As everyone, including myself, was remembering the events of 9 years ago, where they were, those that were lost, and those that worked and volunteered on that day, there were a bunch of other events going on.

The Town of Bethlehem had a bike expo where they had helmet fittings, skills training, and a bicycle rodeo. Also, the Bethlehem PD auctioned (and ‘auctioned’ is used loosely) off a bunch of bikes that had been abandoned or confiscated.  Proceeds went to the the DARE program.  I was able to get a replacement for Emiley’s stolen bike for $10.  It needs some work and TLC but the frame alone is worth $10.

Jen C's photo

It was great to see the kids, parents, and volunteers having such a good time.  This was an excellent community event with give-a-ways, raffles, and bicycle inspections.  The one thing that was missing was the press; no sign of any media written or otherwise.  Why is this?  The Town put together a very positive event for the community and in my opinion it didn’t get the coverage it deserved.  Was it not advertised well enough?

Maybe it was because today was full of other events; too many events?  There were the first youth soccer games of the Fall throughout the region.  There were September 11th remembrance events including the Port of Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival, Saratoga remembrance events and those in several other municipalities.  The Valley Cats were preparing for game 1 of the NYPL Championship and the weather made it a great day for backyard BBQ-ing.

All of these events are important and deserve air time.  This includes the Bike Expo.  At a minimum,  I hope that I missed/didn’t recognize contributors of the TU’s Bethlehem blog and hope to read a post on the Bike Expo on Monday.

Did we as a society spread ourselves too thin today or was it just a typical September weekend day?


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