The puzzle is done!

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Some months ago, Emiley decided to start a puzzle.  She would work on it every so often.  Meanwhile, the end of our dining room table had stray pieces waiting for their place among the other angular counterparts.  Dinner guests had to scrunch with us at the other end.

Somewhere around 9 months into pregnancy, Emiley said “When the puzzle is done, the baby can come.”  This evening when we got home from work, we sat at the table and we finished it, with Emiley inserting the final piece.  Let’s hope E is right and the baby now comes because she’s pretty uncomfortable.

When do you think that Baby Purvis will make his/her appearance to this world?


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4 Responses to The puzzle is done!

  1. kelly says:

    I hated to push the after 9/18 button, but I’m going with statistics here. Plus, the full moon is on the 23rd, which has my vote. Sorry Em!!!!

  2. Emiley says:

    I understand Kelly…I’m with you. I’m not anticipating that anything is going to happen before Saturday, but hey I’ve been wrong before!

  3. Jason says:

    If we end up waiting until the 23rd, we will hold you accountable, Ms. Mateja!

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