Let’s Go Buf…

It’s tough being a Buffalo Bills fan.  I can still remember being in high school, being glued to the television only to be disappointed by the “Wide Right” field goal attempt.  I remember immediately turning off the television and calling it a night.  But, growing up in western NY, it’s hard to follow football and not root for the Bills.

Since then, even with 3 more consecutive Superbowl appearances, being a fan has been difficult.  There have been several years of non-playoff seasons, quarterbacks that are atrocious at best, questionable coaching decisions, and overall disappointment.

Speaking of quarterbacks, I was 100% convinced that this season will be similar to the recent past when watching the week 2 game vs. the Packers.  The television commentators were discussing Trent Edwards.  They were not discussing his passing ability, his play calling saavy, or how badly he scrambles in the pocket.  Instead, they could only talk about Edwards’ Justin Beiber-like haircut.  A sure sign of a 3 and 13 season.

It’s probably only a matter of time until the Bills won’t even make the TV listings for the upstate NY NFL market.  Better ratings will come from us being forced to watch a  Kansas City vs Arizona game.

Another disappointing season or not, I will always be a Bills fan; for now, a ‘quickly check the box score on Monday morning’ Bills fan.


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