My 101 in 1001

I’ve been intrigued by those that are posting ‘101 things I’d like to do in 1001 days’.  I thought it would be an interesting and fun way to stay motivated.  I’ll update as things get checked off.

If starting today, that puts the 1001st day somewhere right around the end of April 2013 (yikes!).  I figure out the exact date soon.

  1. finish my MPA
  2. enter a bicycle road race
  3. complete a bicycle road race
  4. cook another 7 course dinner
  5. ride in a helicopter
  6. join a ‘community’ organization
  7. publish a paper
  8. become a father (cheating here…due Sept 18, 2010)
  9. finish my existing reading list
  10. re-stain the deck
  11. Oahu–again
  12. learn basic Italian
  13. buy half of a grass fed cow
  14. commute by bike 20 days in a row
  15. see the cherry blossoms in DC
  16. visit the Bronx zoo
  17. go to Howe’s Caverns
  18. go fishing with Doug
  19. buy a new suit(s)
  20. attend an opera
  21. try to understand the above opera
  22. get to another Yankee game
  23. squeeze oranges to make juice
  24. umpire again
  25. take a photography class
  26. print/frame some of my photos
  27. sell something on ebay
  28. go a week without TV
  29. make pomegranate chutney
  30. watch every season of the Sopranos on DVD
  31. have a croissant in Paris
  32. buy new work shoes
  33. fly a kite
  34. apply for a job that I’m not qualified for
  35. increase readership of Wandering Thoughts
  36. Visit the Y’s in Florida
  37. volunteer at the food bank
  38. have a knee or fake knee that works
  39. make homemade baby food
  40. clean out my dresser drawers
  41. give a reading at a wedding
  42. go cherry picking
  43. teach a class
  44. more to come…..

2 Responses to My 101 in 1001

  1. Angela says:

    I made a similar list many many years ago after watching an Oprah show where author Joe Kita was talking about his new book “Anther Shot”. I’m not sure if it’s up your alley to read something like that (or if you want to add it to your already pending list). I found it to be a very easy read and it was inspiring to me. I made my list before reading the book and I have found that the 18 thngs that I blurted out with little to no thinking in those few minutes of commercials have remained constant. Since writing that list I haven’t added any more. That must mean something. Maybe you’ll only end up with 43….

  2. Jason says:

    I will indeed add it to the list…thanks!

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